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Mark Martin

"I did him just like my daddy did me, I gave him a lot of room. I let him do things, sometimes when he was too young. And fortunately he didn't kill himself and didn't tear too much up. He handled it real well. If you give a kid a lot of rope, and they don't kill themselves, that works real good."

--Julian Martin, Mark's Father

( Excerpt from Mark Martin: Driven to Race.)

Birthdate: January 9, 1959
Team: Jack Rousch
Chassis: Ford Thunderbird
Sponsor: Valvoline
Hometown: Batesville, Arkansas
Residence: Greensboro, NC
Height: 5'6"
Weight 150
Spouse: Arlene
Heather, Rachel, Stacy, Matthew Clyde
Favorite subject in school: Math

This page is dedicated to my son Kris, a true Mark Martin fan.

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